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ഓഷോ സംഭാഷണം

ഖലില്‍ ജിബ്രാനെ വായിക്കുന്നതുപോലെ സന്തോഷിപ്പിക്കും ഓഷോയുടെ രചനകളും . എല്ലാ നല്ല പുസ്തകങ്ങളെയും പോലെ വീണ്ടും വീണ്ടും വായിക്കാന്‍ പ്രേരിപ്പിച്ചു അഡിക്റ്റ് ആക്കും എന്നുള്ളതാണ് അതിന്റെ ഒരു ഗുണവും ദോഷവും .വര്‍ഷങ്ങള്‍ ക്ക് ശേഷം വീണ്ടും ഓഷോ വായനയില്‍...തര്‍ജമ ചെയ്തു അതിന്റെ ഭംഗി കളയാന്‍ മനസ്സു സമ്മതിക്കുന്നില്ല .അതിനാല്‍ ഇപ്പോള്‍ വായിച്ചു കൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്ന ഓഷോ ഡയലോഗില്‍ നിന്നു ഇംഗ്ലീഷില്‍ .
Osho ,what is ego ?

It is a false entity . it is not .There are two great falsities in the world. one is ego and another is death . These two things exist not. And they are not separate , they are joined together. They are aspects of the same coin : two aspects of the same untruth .

if you have ego , then you will be afraid of death , then death is bound to come -because you are clinging to a falsity .How long can you cling to it? sooner or later you will have to see that it is false . You can go on avoiding, you can go on delaying and postponing, but not for ever.

Death is the death of the ego. And ego is not in the first place . So person who becomes free of ego also becomes free of death . Then there is nobody to die!

It is like : a great wave in the ocean believes that "I am , and I am separate from the ocean" This is ego. Soon the great wave will disappear in the ocean . Then it will feel death . And even while it is there , high in the sky , dancing the dance , whispering with winds, having a dialogue with the sun ,still the fear will be there, that sooner or later it is going to die. Because other waves are dying! And just a moment before they were alive.

You are living amongst people who are dying, continuously somebody or other dies. The bell toll for thee , Don't send anybody to ask for whom the bell tolls-it tolls for thee. Whenever somebody dies , it brigs home the truth that you are going to die. But why did somebody die?Why in the first place? Because the wave believed itself to be separate from the ocean . If the wave knew that "I am not separate from the ocean " where is death? That wave becomes a Sufi. That waves becomes a Buddha. The wave who knows that "I am not separate from the ocean . I am the ocean . So hum- i am that"; then there is no death.

Ego is a false entity .It is needed - just as your name is needed.Your name is a false entity. Every body is born without any name . But we have to give a certain name, otherwise it will be impossible in the world-how to call him? How to address him? How to send a letter to him? how to give money or borrow money from him? How to drag him to court? It will be so impossible if everybody is nameless. It will be sheer chaos! This world cannot exist: it will be a totally different kind of world.

And it will be very difficult to remember who your wife is and who your son is and who your husband is. All will be chaos. Names are needed, labels are needed. but they are false. They are utilitarian , but they are not true. When you give the name to the child, you are giving a name to the nameless.

And exactly like that is the ego.The name is for others to use and the ego is for yourself to use. You will have to say "I" .You will have to say "I am thirsty" The reality is only that there is thirst. But if you go and suddenly declare in the market place , "there is thirst!" then it will be very difficult -who is thirsty? Where it is? You have to say "I am thirsty." That "I am thirsty is just utilitarian . In reality all that is thirst, huger, love. These things are true, but the "I " is just needed to manage your life.

If you under stand this, there is no problem. You can use it and you can know that you are not separate from existence. I also use the word I- Buddha uses it , Krishna uses it, Christ uses it . It cannot be dropped . There is no need to drop it! You just have to see the point that the word is utilitarian _useful in day-to-day life, but has no existential status .

Don't be befooled by the word. Don't start believing that the word is the reality . But it happens. I have heard Charles de Gaulle was a very egoistic person, as politicians are bound to be. A story is told about him :

One winter night upon retiring, his wife shivered and said " My God, it's cold." Yielding slightly de Gaulle replied , " In bed , Madam, you may call me Charles".

From 'Talks from Sufi stories' by Osho


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